Finally, another blog post!

“The blog…….the blog……you need to write something for the blog”

A voice, repeatedly saying that phrase has haunted me for over a year! Up until now it has been silenced with the answer “tomorrow…..tomorrow……I’ll write something tomorrow”

Of course tomorrow never came, until today!

‘What have I been afraid of?’ you may be asking………I’m not entirely sure of the answer to that question.

I’ve been afraid of not being able to think of anything to write and that has been true on a couple of occasions!¬†I¬†started to put pen to paper but that just led to putting paper in the bin! What can I say about kitchens and bathrooms? Nothing it appears! I just went blank.

I’m afraid that no-one will find it interesting. I kept thinking ‘who wants to read what little old me or rather ‘we’ have to say?’

I’ve been afraid of making grammatical errors. Yes, I know the difference between there, their and they’re and I know when to use them. I went to a good school, I learned to read and write and have been doing so for many years, so it can’t be that I’m truly afraid of.

What is it?

I think the real reason I have shied away from starting our blog (the first post was very kindly created by our web designer!) is the fear of being judged, perhaps even mocked for something I’d written.

Then a couple of days ago I realised a few things.

Firstly, millions of people aren’t going to be reading a blog about a family run kitchen and bathroom studio in Yorkshire! Its also highly doubtful that one of the handful (great trees from little acorns grow!) of people who will read this blog is Stephen Fry so I need to get over my fear of perhaps writing something not entirely grammatically correct…..that could be one of those sentences?!


So, fear now faced…….this is my first blog post for John Longley Kitchens & Bathrooms!


Phew, that wasn’t so bad after all. So much so that I am currently writing my second post which is about a recent Dreamwall installation we have done in our showroom.


Hopefully, now I’ve faced my fear and my creative juices are flowing, I will find plenty of things to blog about and keep you interested as well as inspire you when it comes to your homes and interiors.


Thank you for reading

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